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“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein.

“The rules of court we have promulgated are not aspirational. They are not suggestions. They have the force of law, and the presumption must be that they will be obeyed and enforced as written.” Bright v. Dicke, 652 N.E.2d 275 (1995)

“[E]veryone is presumed to know the law and ignorance of the law excuses no one” Jones v. Board of Education of the City of Chicago, 2013 IL App (1st) 122437

“Arguments without citation of authority are forfeited.” Porter v. Cub Cadet LLC, 2020 IL App (2d) 190823

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Arguments with emotion in an Illinois divorce

Arguing Using Emotion In An Illinois Divorce

The words “argue” and “divorce” go hand in hand. In an Illinois divorce proceeding, an argument is not the bickering, squabbling or even screaming that occurred in the underlying relationship. In an Illinois divorce proceeding

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Day trading and divorce in Illinois
Marital Property

Bad Investments In An Illinois Divorce

A fool and his money are soon parted. This partition often happens before an Illinois divorce. Whether the investment was crypto, stock market day trading or other forms of essentially legalized gambling, big losses mean

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Waivers in an Illinois divorce document
Drafting Considerations

Waiver And Release Clauses In An Illinois Divorce Decree

Illinois final divorce documents include a lot of boilerplate language. Most divorce lawyers will skim the standard paragraphs. After all, the boilerplate language is the same in every Marital Settlement Agreement. I am not most

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Impossible performance in an Illinois divorce

Impossibility In An Illinois Divorce

When people lament their former spouses’ failings a polite way to say it is “he/she was impossible.” Be careful…the former spouse just might agree and claim that further compliance with the final divorce decree is

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Mistakes in a divorce agreement in Illinois
Drafting Considerations

Mutual Mistake Of Fact In An Illinois Divorce

“This is a very amicable divorce,” clients often tell me. In fact, the divorce is so amicable that both parties overlook each others’ mistakes when forming the final agreements. Maybe an asset was forgotten to

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Private detectives in an Illinois divorce

Private Investigators In An Illinois Divorce

Private investigators seem to be a natural part of the distrustful atmosphere of a divorce. In Illinois, private investigators can be called as witnesses in a divorce trial to describe and explain their findings in

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Cameras in the house during an Illinois divorce

Nanny Cams In An Illinois Divorce

Cameras are ubiquitous in society. People even put cameras in their own houses, “nanny cams.” People also put cameras outside their houses, “ring doorbells.” Actually, everyone carries cameras with them all the time, “smart phones.”

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